This assignment was adapted from and inspired by Salome Asega

All artists have a tacit or explicit “manifesto” of design values/ideas/axioms that, sometimes loosely, sometimes closely, help guide and direct their work. Having such principles/axioms helps artists keep their own voice; helps them resist pressures (especially commercial); gives their work a more critical edge. This exercise is designed to begin the process of developing an artist manifesto, one that’s not necessarily rooted in your present practice, but rather related to how you see yourselves in, say 1, 5, 10, 20, 40 years.

For this assignment, write a short piece on some principles and ideas that motivate and direct your practice. This can be difficult, but clarifying your ideas in writing will help you compose and create with intention and purpose throughout the semester.

Post your manifesto to your blog and/or email it to me directly before next week.